Event Design short course – Central Saint Martins

I have completed a 10 week Event Design Short Course held at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts, London. We had a major project that ran for three weeks which was to use the Tate Modern for Vivienne Westwood’s St. Trinians collection fashion show.

We began we research and visited the venue.

I decided on reinventing the journey of going to a boarding school where the audience would experience a train ride, walk through the British countryside then be confronted and trapped by the overwhelming structure of a boarding school.

I wanted to replicated the idea of a train ride by having two parallel lines of lights going down a set of stairs. As well as having smoke to fill the floors, windows at the tate to have silhouettes, and vast emptiness you see when you look out the window.

My moodboard for the train ride.

The forest would make you feel small, claustrophobic and a little spooked out.

School moodboard.

School courtyard where the catwalk would take place. Gate to close the audience inside with sounds and chatter of audience to create the atmosphere of a school playground.

The after party to be held on the bridge with the Tate Modern where people can look down on the journey they’ve just gone through. The view would consist of the forest canopy on one side and overlook the school courtyard on the other. The theme would be an old British garden party with bunting.

My prints up on the wall.

What I would have done differently, is to not be too literal on concepts. The train ride was good. But with the school it would have been better to not build an actual school structure. It would have also been better to expose the Tate Modern’s architecture and make it work for the event rather than covering it up.